on doing the work…

i’m not here for happy hours or special events. i’m here to do work. i’m not here to get on tv to make it look like i’m doing something. i’m here to scratch and dig and analyze and track and report and make research-based recommendations. i’m not here to pander to the old guard. i’m here to get decision-makers to realize that “the way we’ve always done it” is not the way it should be done. and i’m not here to climb on the backs of others to get my face in front. so many times, i get involved with something, only to get “kicked off” the project for speaking up about reality and the steps that need to be taken to do it right, according to numbers and best practices and all of that stuff. sure enough, i am brought back in the loop when heavy lifting needs to be done.

i’m not doing it anymore.

i have been burned out by, pushed out by, used by, abused by, silenced by, bulldozed by places and people before. you’re not getting my energy or time unless you deserve it. no more full-of-hot-air-feel-good booster shit. i don’t have time or the emotional/mental capacity to do that in another place. i’m tired of bullshit. politics, self-aggrandizing, high school behavior. there’s no place for that stuff in doing the work. i don’t care if you don’t like me. i’ll be over here working. and when i’m done working for the day, i’m going to do things that make me happy. XO